Nibble is a decentralized reward platform with encrypted messages and own privacy protected cryptocurrency.

All your NBXC transactions and messages are anonymous. The Nibble Network provides an instant secure, untraceable and unlinkable way of encrypted communication - crypto messages.

Nibble is open-source, always has been and always will be. This latest edition of Nibble, has been created from a merger of projects - Nibble Classic & Crumbs; Giving our users the best from both worlds, a simple to use platform, messaging ability, deposits & rewards.


The DeroGold Association is the future of crypto today and we welcome you aboard.
Our coin utilizes new technology thanks to the features that are being implemented in
TurtleCoin. We have the algorithm CN-TURTLE which increases our hashrates
enormously while staying Asic resistant. Lite-blocks are employed which reduces our
blockchain size by approximately 95% in comparison to if we had not used the new
lite-blocks technology. DEGO aims to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies for transacting.  Please join us at our discord ​​ !

FastPool Mining

Cryptonight & Cryptonight variants mining pool.

All pools are fully compatible with NiceHash & MiningRigRentals


is an untraceable and secure cryptocurrency aiming to be GPU and ASIC resistant via the new Cryptonight Adaptive POW algorithm.

NERVA offers true privacy and fungibility, is totally untraceable and unlinkable, with users and transfer amounts hidden from the public

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